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2TL driver expecting back-to-back wins

Alpha Tauri driver CurryKing, who won Tuesday’s race in Monaco, predicts a bright future by winning the next Monaco race in the MPC next season.

Throughout Friday, the driver has posted several cryptic photos from Monaco, which indicate that he wishes to win another race in Monaco next season. The news channel learns that the chance of King winning in Monaco depends on no one else finishing the race.

I am chasing a historic victory in Monaco next season, because then I will become the first driver in 2TL history to win two Monaco races in a row, King stated to the media.

Whether King succeeds in winning remains to be seen, but after a quick poll conducted by our editor, not many people believe that King will ever win a race again.

So, to be completely honest, all respect to King, but the only reason he won was because Jesus, OnlyFaanz and not least Jiskills26 had a worse race than King. That King won I think shocked an entire nation, not to mention an entire world, and that’s only something that happens once every millennium, Haas driver Scheggy stated.

North Korea’s leader wanted to congratulate King on his victory on national television after the race, which later led to a diplomatic crisis when China chose to impose sanctions on North Korea as a result of the comments made by Kim Jong Un.



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