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2TL-drivers house has been discovered

The house of 2TL driver Noobie has been made public, after the driver himself tried to go to court to refuse publication of the photo.

Noobie himself believes that the image has been manipulated and that it does not correspond to reality. 1251 News Channel can document that the Haas driver’s house burned down in 2020 after he tried to make pancakes in the oven. Due to tight financial times in the oil sector, the driver has not been able to afford to move to a new house.

I don’t understand why this should be so interesting to journalists. Why do they have to publish my house, which by the way is not my house, so the whole world can see how I live, or….don’t live, Noobie said in a press conference.

After the picture was published, a campaign has been started on GoFundMe, to raise funds so that Noobie can buy a new house. At the time of writing, after being out for two weeks, two euros have been collected.

I think it is important to support the drivers in 2TL, no matter what it is about. But in good, Norwegian style, I just want to say that Noobie is in my thoughts, but I don’t bother giving him money, Scheggy wrote in a comment on the GoFundMe page.



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