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2TL Rule Book (F1 + MPC)

  1. Racing Rules
    1.1 Clean racing
    1.2 Battling
    1.3 Track limits
    1.4 Qualifying etiquette
    1.5 Spatial Awareness
  2. On-Track Regulations
    2.1 In-game penalties
    2.2 Being lapped
    2.3 Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car guidelines
    2.4 Formation Lap guidelines
    2.5 Tyre rules
    2.6 Pit stops
    2.7 DRS
    2.8 Jump starts
    2.9 Pausing the game
    2.10 Recording
  3. General Behaviour
    3.1 Lobby etiquette
    3.2 Race etiquette
    3.3 Quitting the race
    3.4 Discord / Forum activity
  4. Connectivity
    4.1 Connection & Lag
    4.2 Disconnections
    4.3 Mass disconnections
  5. Participation
    5.1 Missing races
    5.2 Pulling out mid-season
  6. Rule Enforcement
    6.1 Stewards Panel
    6.2 Penalties
    6.3 Penalty points system
    6.4 Reprimand system
    6.5 Blacklist
    6.6 Point System
  7. Explanation
    7.1 Retiring the car
    7.2 Use correct livery in MPC
    7.3 Support system
    7.4 Reading announcements
    7.5 Keeping up-to-date on the rules and regulations
    7.6 Blocking during hotlap
    7.7 Underfueling
    7.8 Qualifying bans
    7.9 In-game bugs
    7.10 Teamwork
  8. Unsportsmanlike behaviour
  9. Extras
  10. Lobby settings
  11. Staff & Stewards

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1. Racing Rules

1.1 Clean racing:

Race cleanly at all times. No contact should occur between cars on track, and as a driver you are required to do your best to avoid this from happening. Accidents can happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision, and this is reported to the stewards, then you will be penalized.

Deliberately crashing into another car will result in being permanently excluded from the league.

1.2 On-track battling:

Don’t be too aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car, it is generally your responsibility to not make contact with the car in front.

Do not force another car off the track by leaving too little room on corner entry or exit. If the other car is alongside you when going into a corner (at the turn-in point*), or when exiting a corner, you must adjust your line to avoid contact and to not force the other car off the track.
Being sufficiently ‘alongside’ to warrant being left room is generally judged as the attacking car’s nose being alongside or ahead of the defending car’s sidepod.
The ‘turn-in point’ in this setting refers the natural turn-in point as per the standard racing line. If the defending car causes contact due to turning in earlier than what is considered the standard, he will be seen at fault.

Any movement in the braking zone is not accepted when in close proximity to other cars, as the action can easily cause an incident.
Choose a line before entering the braking zone, and hold that line until the turn-in point. If you come from a defensive position and want to move back towards the racing line, you must leave a least one car width between your car and the edge of the track.

On straights, if another driver has any part of their car alongside your car, you must respect their position on the track and avoid making any movement into the other car.

Excessive weaving and blocking is not allowed. When defending from another car, choose a line on the track and stick to it, and make sure the attacking car has sufficient time to react to your movement.
You are allowed to do only one defending move.

Excessive weaving on straights with the purpose of breaking slipstream is not allowed, even if the car behind is not physically close enough to make an overtaking attempt. Weaving in this situation is deemed excessive if the car ahead makes more than two moves across the track on the same straight.

Reset to track if you spin out, is not allowed. You might reset to track if your car gets stuck, but you have to wait until the timer starts counting down (and prove it after the race), and you may not reset to track if there’s on-coming traffic that might be distrupted of a car popping in ahead of them.

1.3 Track limits:

Stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres at all times. The track boundaries are defined by the white lines, NOT by the edge of the kerbs. The white lines are deemed part of the track, however the kerbs are not. Cutting corners, or extending the track, to gain an advantage is not allowed. Drivers found to be persistently breaking this rule will be penalised retrospectively. It is up to the stewards’ discretion (based on the evidence provided) to determine whether a driver has abused the track limits to an extent where a penalty is justified.

The occasional misjudgement of a corner can happen, but if you accidentally gain an advantage by going outside the track limits you are expected to back off to an extent that clearly negates any advantage gained.

If you overtake another driver with all four wheels off track, or as a consequence of cutting a corner, you must slow down and give the position back, unless the game awards you a penalty.

In qualifying, if you go outside the track limits in a way that doesn’t clearly lose you time, you are expected to lift off the throttle to clearly negate any potential advantage gained. If the cut is major, the lap should be aborted. Failing to do this may result in post-race punishment.

1.4 Qualifying etiquette:

In qualifying, it is your own responsibility to find free space on the track when starting a flying lap. A car on a flying lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind. If you are on an in- or out-lap, however, you have to let faster cars pass you without blocking them.

In qualifying, it is not permitted to retire from the session while you are out on track, as this may cause your AI car to park on or next to the track and hinder or distract other drivers. If you wish to retire from the session, you must do so while in the garage.

In qualifying, it is not permitted to cut or miss sections of track at any time, including on in-laps and out-laps. Doing so to gain an advantage or to save time will be penalised.

If a driver has a qualifying ban, they are not permitted to do multiple outlaps / inlaps. Furthermore, drivers must not assist any other drivers (through slipstream, or otherwise) whilst serving a qualifying ban. Any driver found to be doing so will be penalised.

1.5 Race etiquette:

It is not permitted to deliberately cause a yellow flag situation, even if the driver is not being particularly hazardous. If a driver is found doing this, the stewards may penalise them.

1.6 Spatial Awareness:

It is important to have good awareness of where other cars are around you on track, so taking extra care is vital both at the start of a race and in battles.

If you spin off the track while other cars are close behind, make sure to wait before rejoining the track until it is safe to do so. As a suggestion, use the mini-map to ensure that no cars are close by when you rejoin. Please do not take the risk of trusting the game to ghost your car while recovering, as the ghosting system may not always work as intended.

If you spin and end up sideways or backwards on the track, stay still until any oncoming cars have gone past. It is far easier to avoid a stationary obstacle.

2. On-Track Regulations

2.1 In-game penalties:

If you feel that the game has awarded you an unfair time penalty, you can apply for a penalty removal in the Incidents Channel after the race. More information about this can be found under the Rule Enforcement section. Compensation for unfair drive throughs or stop-go penalties will not be possible, as this affects your position on the track during the race.

If you feel the game has unfairly disqualified you from the race, you can submit your full race footage to the stewards. If it is deemed that the disqualification was justified, it will remain. However, if the disqualification is deemed to have been clearly unfair, or came as a result of a game glitch, then you will be classified as the last finisher and score full points for that position.

2.2 Being lapped:

When the game shows you the blue flag, you have been caught up by a car on a lap ahead of you. When being lapped, it is your responsibility to let the leaders through safely at the earliest opportunity, without costing them any time.

If you are going faster than a car that has lapped you, do not attempt to unlap yourself unless it is safe to do so and doesn’t hinder the car in front. It is not allowed to go through the car ahead when you are unlapping yourself.

2.3 Safety car & virtual safety car guidelines:

During a virtual safety car, or while catching up to the train during a safety car period, you must not exceed the delta time indicated by the game.

If you are the lead car and driving to catch up to the safety car, please take caution when approaching it, as it will be moving very slowly while waiting to pick you up. Approach it slowly and then the safety car should pick up its speed. Make sure you keep a safe distance to the safety car to avoid potentially hitting it if lag or other inconsistencies occur, as this may lead to the game disqualifying you from the race.

As the leader of the pack following the safety car, do not intentionally slow the pack down to a dangerously low speed when controlling the pace ahead of a restart. This also applies to virtual safety car periods and driving unnecessarily slower than the delta and therefore backing up cars behind. Any driver found to be doing so will be penalised.

While in the safety car queue, do not drive dangerously by weaving excessively or suddenly slowing down in front of someone. Keep a safe distance to the car ahead, but without creating an unnaturally big gap in the queue.

No overtaking should happen under safety car conditions, even if the car ahead of you is a ghost car driven by the AI, or a car that is lapped. Although it may be frustrating to sit behind a slow-moving ghost car until you reach the pit-lane or catch up to the pack, this will avoid problems such as illegal overtake penalties being awarded.

During a Safety Car restart it is forbidden to overtake until the game displays a green flag. Any driver overtaking under yellows will be penalised, if not done so by the game. It is also forbidden to overtake before the start/finish line, even if the game shows that the track is green.

It is prohibited to park or crash your car for the purpose of initiating a safety car situation. Anyone found to have deliberately crashed out or retired their car on track will be severely penalised, regardless of whether this actually ended up causing a safety car or not.

If we experience a major glitch with the safety car (for example someone being unfairly and unavoidably disqualified due to a safety car glitch), we reserve the right to disable this feature with immediate effect if deemed appropriate.

2.4 Formation lap guidelines:

For the sake of fairness with regards to tyre wear, all drivers are required to complete the formation lap. It is not allowed to skip the formation lap by intentionally driving in a manner that sends you back to the grid. Doing this, or being at fault for an incident that sends you back to the grid, will see you awarded with a post-race penalty if reported.

At the start of the formation lap, please do not move away from your grid slot until every car ahead of you have started moving.

During the formation lap, do not drive dangerously by weaving excessively or suddenly slowing down in front of someone. Keep a safe distance to the car ahead, but without creating an unnaturally big gap in the queue.

Pausing the game during the formation lap is allowed, but not advised. If you do pause you must take care, so as to avoid obstructing others or causing a collision. Any incident your car may cause when you are in AI, will be your responsibility.

2.5 Tyre rules:

In qualifying, it is not allowed to run laps on wet tyres (intermediates or wets) while the track conditions are clearly dry.

2.6 Pit stops:

Upon entering and exiting the pits, the whole car must stay within the white lines. If you cause a dangerous situation by crossing the pit entrance or exit line, or if this is done in a way that blatantly gains time or track position, you will be penalised.

It is not allowed to pause the game in order to have the AI perform the pit entry for you.

2.7 DRS:
Driving in a dangerous or unsporting manner in order to gain the use of DRS in the race is not allowed and may be penalised retrospectively. This kind of driving includes – but is not limited to – violently decelerating and/or steering when clearly in front of the following car.

2.8 Jump starts:

Any jump start should be penalised by the game with a drive through penalty. However, drivers must still take the safest possible action they deem fit at the time. That may be to stop, but that may depend at what stage in the start sequence we are at.

Many jump starts will take place when all 5 lights are lit up and the driver will go a millisecond before the lights go out. If this happens, being this close to the start, the driver should just continue in position until the end of the lap. If the jump start happens a couple of seconds before the race start and the driver decides to keep going with stationary cars, this is fine as long as they do not make contact.

2.9 Pausing the game:

We advise against intentionally pausing the game during safety car periods and when you are close ahead of another car during the race, as this will cause your car to slow down and may lead to surrounding cars taking avoiding action, even if your car is ghosted.

You are fully responsible for your car’s actions even while the game is paused, and any incidents or dangerous situations caused as a result of this will be penalised normally.

2.10 Recording:

By default, the league requires mandatory recording of qualifying or the race. This is to cover both the driver and drivers around you, to be able to report incidents you witness or get involved in, or to show your side of the situation if another driver reports you for something.

3. General Behaviour

3.1 Lobby etiquette:

Respect the League Coordinators. Listen if they are giving a message, and accept the decisions they make. If you feel any actions/decisions are wrong, address the issue calmly and maturely. Coordinators’ decisions are final within the lobby, but may be reviewed later if you feel an error has been made.
Please accept that making a call instantly can be tricky, and the Coordinator (even if participating in the race) is expected to be entirely neutral.

Only the Coordinator – or the lobby host after consulting with the Coordinator – will start the lobby, continue over to the race and start the race. So please, as a normal driver, do not press the button which initiates the timer. This is to ensure that all the drivers are present, and also that all necessary screenshots of the results can be taken.

3.2 Race etiquette:

If you are involved in an on-track incident, don’t overreact. It may be frustrating, but you need to stay calm and get on with it. Losing out due to another driver’s mistake or recklessness is no excuse for retaliation or acting against the rules.

If another driver does something you feel is against the rules, report it to the Stewards after the race rather than argue about it in the chats.

If you are having a bad race, don’t act foolishly. As a driver, you have to accept that some races will be better than others and you can’t always have it your way. If you are unable to enjoy the racing due to not always being at the front, this is not the place for you – there are many drivers in the league, and someone always has to be at the back.

3.3 Quitting the race:

Deliberately retiring your car is heavily discouraged as we would like all drivers to make it to the end of the race, however we understand situations can happen where running around for the rest of the laps would be needless. If you do have to retire your car during the race for any reason, you must drive back to the pit lane and retire your car while in the pits. This is to avoid major issues such as your AI car slowing down or parking in a dangerous place on track, or an unnatural safety car being triggered.

You are fully responsible for your car’s actions even if you leave the session / retire the car. If your AI causes crashes or brings out a Safety Car, you will be be penalised.

3.4 Discord / Forum activity:

You need to be an active member on our 2TL Discord server while being a driver in our leagues.
Previously, activity on the forum would be required, but as long as you are around on the discord and signing in/out of races via the signup site, that will suffice.

You are expected to behave in a respectful manner on the discord, like in the race lobbies. Please avoid name-calling, baiting and other behaviour that is intended to aggravate other members of the community.

4. Connectivity

4.1 Connection & Lag:

It’s an unfortunate aspect of online racing that having a stable connection is critical to being able to race closely with other cars. While we understand that not everyone can have a perfect connection, and that occasional lag can’t be avoided.

We do our best to ensure that the best available connection in each league acts as the lobby host, so that any connection issues are most likely a result of a fault on the driver’s end. Please ensure that your internet connection is in an optimal state – and that your NAT type is open – before entering the race lobby.

In an effort to minimize the chances of bugs, we advise drivers to restart their game immediately before connecting to the race lobby.

4.2 Disconnections & rejoins:

If a driver loses connection during qualifying or the race, they are allowed to rejoin the lobby . If you are dropping from the same lobby multiple times due to connection issues, it is however best to stay disconnected. Please only attempt to re-connect once in order to avoid causing unnecessary stress on the lobby.

If a league is experiencing notable or recurring issues (connection-related or otherwise) caused by drivers rejoining race lobbies, the coordinator(s) reserve the right to restart the lobby

4.3 Mass disconnections:

During qualifying, if 4 or more drivers lose connection to the lobby and are unable to get back in, then the lobby will be restarted and qualifying run again from scratch or short qualifying.

During the race, if half (or more) of the drivers in the lobby lose connection at the same time, or over a short period of time, that counts as a mass disconnection. A “short period of time” would generally mean a couple of minutes, up to a maximum of 5 minutes. This also includes major de-syncing where the lobby gets split up or the other drivers turn into slow-moving ghost cars on everyone else’s screen, even if they are technically still racing on their own screen.

If less than 50% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will be restarted immediately. The new lobby will be created without another qualifying session, and the grid will be set up in the same order as the original qualifying results, using the ‘grid editor’ feature.

If more than 90% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will end, and the race order from the time of the first disconnection becomes the final result. Full points are awarded to all drivers.

4.4 Lobby restarts:

The lobby may be restarted by the coordinator in the event of a major issue that affects the normal progression of the session(s). This includes mass disconnections (as per section 4.3 above) and the lobby getting stuck on the loading screen before qualifying or between qualifying and the race.

If the lobby restart happens after the qualifying session has concluded, the new lobby will be set up with only a race session. In this scenario, the ‘grid editor’ will be used to place the drivers into their correct qualifying positions.

5. Participation

5.1 Missing races:

If you are unable to attend a race, you must visit the race confirmation and ‘sign out’ of the race on the Race Confirmation tab. Please do this in sufficient time.

5.2 Pulling out mid-season:

If you have to pull out of the league while the season is ongoing, please inform Staff about the situation. If you leave by simply not showing up for the races, without informing anyone, you will be placed on the blacklist (see section 6.5 for info about the blacklist).

Note that the above rules only apply while the season is ongoing. We obviously don’t have a problem with drivers choosing to leave after a season has finished, for whatever reason.

6. Rule Enforcement

We can’t possibly control all the actions of our drivers, but we have ways to penalise drivers who break the rules.

6.1 Stewards Panel:
The Incidents chat can be used to report incidents and other rule violations that occur in a race. A proper explanation and/or evidence of the incident must be provided in order for it to be investigated. This will then be looked into by the Stewards/Staff and appropriate action will be taken.
You can make a stewards enquiry for the following:

  • On-track incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident – eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, rejoining the track unsafely, or generally driving too aggressively – you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
  • Track limits: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits, you should report this to the stewards.
  • General rule-breaks: If you witness another driver breaking any of the rules or guidelines regarding lobby behaviour (on-track or off-track), you should report this to the stewards.
  • Removing an unfair time penalty: If you receive a time penalty from the game, and you feel this was awarded unfairly, you can make an enquiry for the penalty to be removed. When making such an enquiry, you need to provide evidence of the penalty being applied. Evidence can be either in the form of video footage, or a picture of the post-race race director screen showing what the penalty was for and the time of when it was applied. Any appeals without this will be dismissed.
  • Bear in mind that we will not be giving compensation for penalties that affect your position on the track during the race. This includes drive through penalties and extra time spent in the pit box as a result of a stop-go penalty. A stop-go penalty not served in the pits, however, is converted into a time penalty and may therefore be removed if received unfairly.
  • Warnings for exceeding track limits will normally not be removed, unless it was clearly received unfairly (such as time clearly having been lost, or another driver causing you to go off track). For a warning to be removed, it is required to provide an image or footage of the race director screen showing the full overview of warnings you received throughout the race (alongside evidence of how the warning was received), so that we can see if the removal affects the amount of time penalties you should receive. Direct time penalties (not accumulated through warnings) for corner cutting may be removed or converted into a
    warning if deemed excessive or it’s obvious that the driver lost time from it.

    Time limit for enquiries: Note that there is a time limit (midnight CET the following night) after the race has finished to make a stewards enquiry for an incident you have been involved in or witnessed during the race.

    Uploading video evidence: Any video evidence submitted in a stewards enquiry must have the video link posted with the incident log in the incident.

6.2 Penalties:

The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers who break our racing rules, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity.
Breaking a rule also leads to penalty points being added to your name – see further down for more details. (Note that penalties may be added together in the event of multiple violations in a race, which could result in total time penalties of a higher number than what is suggested below)

Any penalties will be aimed at the person who has done wrong – we cannot compensate anyone else as a result of someone’s actions. All penalties applied, are for that specific league and are not transferable. All penalties are discussed by the Stewards Panel before being issued. The Stewards Panel is completely neutral and will not include anyone who may be affected by the incident in question.

6.3 Penalty points system:
The penalty points system is a way of keeping track of a driver’s record of breaking the rules of clean racing, and to more severely punish repeat offenders. Penalty points will be applied alongside normal race penalties, as per the list below.

Click on the picture above to make it bigger.

6.4 Reprimand system:

While the race penalties and penalty points system are mainly aimed at dealing with on-track issues – the reprimand system mainly deals with issues that may happen off the track, however there may be crossover and some situations where on-track issues are dealt with by a reprimand. You can receive a reprimand for the following:

– Showing abusive behaviour towards another driver, either in the race lobby or on the forum/discord
– Pressing the start button early between sessions (after an initial warning) (if proven) – Retiring whilst still on track, see rule 3.4
– Leaving a session early without retiring in the pits
– Deliberately getting yourself disqualified in qualifying (accompanied with a qualifying ban) – Causing a danger to other vehicles through lag/connection issues

Note that if we encounter situations where someone’s behaviour gets completely out of hand and is extremely serious, a ban may be applied directly regardless of reprimands accumulated.

6.5 Blacklist:
The blacklist contains the names of drivers who have been removed from the league

  • Drivers who are placed on the blacklist again after having been given a second chance will be placed on the blacklist permanently. No further chances will be given.
  • Drivers who have been blacklisted for deliberate crashing, cheating/hacking, or other extreme offences will be immediately placed on the permanent blacklist and not be given a second chance.

6.6 Point System

Note that the fastest lap only applies to those that crossed the finish line, and finished the race from P11 to P20. The fastest lap do not apply to those who finished the race on top 10, and then was moved down to below P10 by the stewards after the race because of an incident the driver was involved in.

7. Explanation

7.1 Retiring the car
Even though you might feel your race don’t go the way you hoped for, you can always retire your car in the pits. But as rule 3.3.2 states, you are still responsible for your cars actions, even after you have chosen to retire the car.

Meaning if your car either stays in the pit lane blocking for other cars, or enters back on track and causes an incident with other cars, you will be held accountable. It is advised that everyone choose to finish the race, to avoid situations your car might do after you have retired.
If you don’t retire the car, the situation that might occur, also wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

The penalty that will apply is 6.1. The same penalty as if you would retire on track or leave your car in AI on track.

7.2 Use correct livery in MPC
MPC contains four teams, that all race with a special livery the team boss has decided. Every driver on that team, has to race with the exact same livery as the team boss has decided, or else you will be disqualified from the race.
Reserve drivers will have to race with an all-green livery. But they are free to choose the design of the livery, as long as it is green.

7.3 Support system
We have a support system in place in our Discord-server. If you have any questions you want answers too, please open a support ticket, and the staff will be with you shortly. This is also to avoid the staff from being spammed in DMs, and also for you to be sure you will get an answer within a short amount of time.

7.4 Reading announcements
It is your responsibility as a member of our community, to read the announcements that are posted in the server. The announcements will mainly contain important information regarding the server, the league, and rule changes.

7.5 Keeping up-to-date on the rules and regulations
As mentioned in 7.4, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with rule changes that may occur either in the offseason or during the season. Important rule changes will be posted as an announcement, and this article will be updated accordingly.

7.6 Blocking during hotlap
During the past seasons, we have had issues with drivers blocking each other during an hotlap attempt in qualifying. That used to give 5 penalty points, but halfway through season 6, we decided to change the rules and give an automatic qualifying ban instead.
Please be aware of cars coming from behind, and use the minimap actively. Blaming it on a “difficult track” isn’t a valid excuse to ruin anyones hotlap.

7.7 Underfueling
In the past, we have had situations where people underfueling the car, and running out of fuel during the race, has caused serious incidents with quicker cars. So you as a driver can still underfuel your car, but if you run out of fuel before the race is finished (before you cross the finish line), you will be disqualified from the race.

7.8 Qualifying bans
If you receive a qualifying ban, you will have to serve the qualifying ban in the first race you participate in within the league/division you received the qualifying ban in. Meaning that you can’t skip the next race in total, and still qualify for the race after. Instead you then have to serve the qualifying ban in the first race you participate in.
If you choose to do the qualifying while you have a qualifying ban, you will be disqualified from the race, and you will still have to serve the qualifying ban in the next race you participate in.

7.9 In-game bugs
If the game disqualifies you unfairly, you can post it as an incident, and the stewards will look at it. The stewards will not be able to give back the place you had when you got disqualified, but if the stewards finds that the situation was caused by an in-game bug that you had no control over, you will be awarded the last finishing position on-track, and the points that comes with it.

The stewards will however not be able to remove a drive through penalty caused by a VSC/SC delta bug.

7.10 Teamwork
It is only allowed to work with your teammate in the team you run for in the league. It is not allowed to collaborate across teams (even if you drive for the same team abbreviation). If it is detected, it will be penalized with a quali-ban (first offense) and a race ban (second offense).

8. Unsportsmanlike behaviour

  • This applies to what is considered to be unfair, cunning, exploitative or not in the “racing spirit”. We expect certain standards for driving and sportsmanship from all drivers, and the unwillingness to maintain these standards is contrary to the regulations.
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be punished in accordance with the regulations, and in the event of repeated violations, this may in the worst case lead to exclusion from the league with immediate effect.

9. Extras

  • Video clips from incidents that occur out on the track, which do not directly involve you as a driver, can also be used as evidence in appeals. Events that the stream captures can also be used as documentation. The stewards can also complain about incidents if it is discovered on the official stream or through any POVs of the races.
  • We do not accept any attempt to present their case to the stewards privately. Everything that concerns complaints, responses to complaints and any appeals must be posted in the tab dedicated to incidents inside Discord. In the event of repeated attempts to “manipulate” the stewards privately, this may result in the complaint being rejected, or an additional penalty being imposed on the person in question. This applies to all drivers, as well as admins and others with a role in 2TL Racing League.
  • We generally expect good behavior inside Discord, both before, during and after races. If you feel that things are being said, which we in the management should take a look at, get in touch so we can take a closer look at the situation.
  • We have zero tolerance for harassment, sexually abusive behavior, racism etc. The league is for everyone.
  • Advertising, or other form of marketing and promotion of other leagues and teams, is only permitted with the approval of the league management.

10. Lobby Settings

  1. ➤ Crossplay League
    ➤ Equal Performance
    ➤ AI: 50
    ➤ Corner cutting: Strict
    ➤ Surface Type: Realistic
    ➤ Fuel set to Hard
    ➤ Damage sim: Standard/Standard
    ➤ SC: Reduced
    ➤ Red Flags – Reduced
    ➤ Race Starts: Manual
    ➤ Ghosting: ON
    ➤ Full Qualification/50% Race (short quali if 11 or less drivers)
    ➤ We have all assists OFF except: Full TC, Anti-Lock Brakes, Corner Racing Line & Automatic Gearbox
    ➤ Immersive Pit Stops On & Immersive SC
    ➤ Forecast Accuracy – Approximate
    ➤ Session Start Time – Realistic

    After Qualifying we will have a 5 minute break, so please do not ready up until your host told you all to ready up.

11. Staff & Stewards

League owner:
2TL Gowers

League Administrator:

F1 Admin

F1 Head Staff / Head Steward:

F1 Staff:
BTA Noobie

F1 Stewards:
Arsehole Warrior
BTA Noobie



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