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The Management

Welcome to Virtual Motorsport Racing. We want you to know our management, so here’s a little bit something about us.



Gowers is the league owner. He created the league back in the early spring days of 2022, and has been racing ever since. He started the league as an Formula 1-based league, but later also included Assetto Corsa Competizione. He is old, he is a granddad, and he’s from England. A place not disclosed for the public.


OnlyFaanz has been an admin ever since 2022. He main focus has been on Formula 1, and the league as a whole. This driver is also the most-winning driver in the leagues history, with a bunch of driver titles and constructor titles. He’s currently resides in Oslo, Norway.


Matray become an admin in early 2024, after serving a stint as a F1 steward, F1 staff, Head staff and Head steward. He has rised in the ranks, to become a well respected (maybe) admin, bringing the league tho another level. He’s Hungarian, and proud of it.


Varga also became an admin, a few days after Matray. His main focus has been on ACC, serving as a steward, head steward and head staff for out ACC league. Just like Matray, he’s from Hungary too, and a much better hungarian than this guy above him.

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